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It’s friday at 5pm and the train station is packed. You can see the different feelings of people racing through the platform and the waiting room. The feelings are mixed: anxiety, to be already home; expectant joy, for the weekend ahead; release, because the week is over the work is done; dread, to get in a crowded train before finally getting home.

Us, we are a little apprehensive to set up the camera in front of the crowds. That mood vanishes quickly as we get going  and set up the tripod in front of the entrance door. Nothing better than a little action to stop over thinking. Anya runs and stands right in front of the camera, put on the glasses, opens the book and peacefully stands, reading, not caring about anything else. We are right in front of the main entrance door so there are a lot of people coming and going. That is exactly what I want. In two clicks the master image for the final composite is done. Now the fun part starts. It’s time to get silly. We run and dance in front of the camera trying to get the perfect motion blur. We throw papers and magazines in front of the scene. We look silly. Some people look, some stare. Others point while sitting on the benches.  Someone gives us a rose saying it would look good in the character. Some completely ignore us. Taking the opportunity  of an unsupervised camera, a random man plays the photographer role for ten funny seconds.

The train arrives. Everybody on board. The door closes. The station is almost empty. With no crowds, we continue to play.

Below you’ll see the pictures we created. The first one was planned, the second was improvised, there is no way we were going to go thought those tiles without capturing them.

Hope you like them!

Buen fin de semana <3 Lu.



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