To hold, to love and to let it go

I always thought reptile owners were eccentric people. Then, one sunny spring evening, a adolescent green iguana appeared outside my apartment causing every single neighbor to wow and comment, yet, none of them seemed to be excited to host the cold blooded animal until it’s owner showed up. I have hosted chickens, cats, birds, dogs, […]

“Step In” and be a character in the story

For the opening reception of Dream Chronicles at the Laguna Gallery Of Contemporary Art, I decided to create an installation. Why? I wanted the people that came to leave with an experience. I wanted to make it not only about the pictures on the walls but about how we all build and create stories in […]

Magical Realism

Creation doesn’t always happen in a straight line. These are all those ideas and visions that crashed my headspace randomly and that I decided to bring to life. Sea Change Just An Image The Keeper Of Spring The Keeper Of Night The Keeper Of Day The Keeper Of Dust The Keeper Of Skies Ideas Me […]

Where Ideas Come From

  What do you see in the picture below? I see a green dress from a very, very tall lady. I see a street pole turning into a sweet lady in a beautiful green dress. I see a character and a story. Ideas are every were. We never know when will they come. We never […]

behind the scenes – SD train station

It’s friday at 5pm and the train station is packed. You can see the different feelings of people racing through the platform and the waiting room. The feelings are mixed: anxiety, to be already home; expectant joy, for the weekend ahead; release, because the week is over the work is done; dread, to get in a […]

Creative Compositing Workshop at Youth Interactive

It’s been a while since the last time I posted. It is a good feeling to be finally at home sitting down to write. Sometimes life gets in the way in good ways, like my parents coming to visit me for three weeks. When that happens it is good to just lean back and enjoy […]

Our First Underwater Photoshoot

   I’ve always been fascinated by underwater photography. I love how everything looks so timeless but still all flows. It wasn’t until recently that we had access to an underwater camera to do an underwater photo shoot. Nothing fancy, just a Go Pro Hero.  Using this kind of camera is like using an old film […]

Kiki + Matt = <3

Kik and Matt are magnetic. They are the kind of people everyone loves . It is impossible not to. Together they inspire love and care. Something that they got from their crazy fun families. They like to gather and connect people to make them smile and have

Overcoming My Scribbles

Yet another withe page with no lines waiting to be filled with scribbles. Those that may or may not find their way into my computer to come alive with light and colors. As you can see drawing is not my strong point. I can’t even trace a straight line with a ruler. During school and

The Art Of Collaboration

L -Can you take monday off? G -Yes.  L -Ok, let’s get the tickets and do it. Everything started as a kind of photography retreat weekend. It was just the two of us, our cameras and a destination in the middle of nowhere…where I grew up.

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