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Hi, I’m Lucia Fereira Litowtschenko but people call me Lu, Lucy, Luly or Lulu. I’m a born and raised uruguayan photographer and exhibiting artist. Now I live in San Diego, California.

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I utilize photography as a material and a process to build fictional stories that are grounded in reality. I believe that there’s much more fiction in reality than we allow ourselves to discover, it’s all about “how we see”.

With my camera, I collect characters, plots, settings and moods. Some of them appear by chance, others are staged. It’s in the digital darkroom where the different pieces of the story fuse to create dreamlike realities.

The resulting images hold an invitation to wonder. I puzzle over concepts of introspection, playfulness, lightness of being, identity, spirituality and curiosity. I like to generate compositions that are tranquil, spaces where we can feel peaceful, at ease and where we can let our imagination run wild. At times these spaces are in stark contrast to the roles we, and others, project onto us. In this way, they are a refuge from the crueler aspects of society and human life.

I also use my technology and media expertise to serve as a volunteer instructor at places like Youth Interactive and Youth Cinemedia, organizations that work with diverse youth. I believe that, when used wisely, technology can foster freedom, growth and self expression as well as a communal space to feel recognized.

I’ve exhibited worldwide in museums and galleries including the Moscow MOMA in Russia, the Modern Art Museum Of Chiloe in Chile, the Contemporary Art Space In Montevideo Uruguay and the Verdens Cultural Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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