Chocolate Energy Bar- No Sugar Added!

I might have too many passions. One of them is cooking and eating. I count them as one because you can not have one without the other. Perhaps, I should actually say eating and cooking because my eating passion comes first. I love recipes that taste delicious and are also healthy. No sugar added chocolate power […]

Magical Realism

Creation doesn’t always happen in a straight line. These are all those ideas and visions that crashed my headspace randomly and that I decided to bring to life. Sea Change Just An Image The Keeper Of Spring The Keeper Of Night The Keeper Of Day The Keeper Of Dust The Keeper Of Skies Ideas Me […]

Lost In Words

This series is about my love for literature and other stories. Stories That Blossom After The Fire Where The Story Takes You Long Live Paperback Stories We Live In Written On The Body On Time Sewing Stories Florece To Set You Free All of the images here are multilayered photographs. Limited editions of 35×35 inches – […]

Where Ideas Come From

  What do you see in the picture below? I see a green dress from a very, very tall lady. I see a street pole turning into a sweet lady in a beautiful green dress. I see a character and a story. Ideas are every were. We never know when will they come. We never […]

behind the scenes – SD train station

It’s friday at 5pm and the train station is packed. You can see the different feelings of people racing through the platform and the waiting room. The feelings are mixed: anxiety, to be already home; expectant joy, for the weekend ahead; release, because the week is over the work is done; dread, to get in a […]


A Photographic Journey to Hearst Castle -“Rosebud” I am sure that I am not the only person who thinks of Citizen Kane or W.R. Hearst when I hear this word. Ok, turns out that “Rosebud” is actually not connected to W.R. Hearst at all. He was born in San Francisco, where it gets freaking cold […]

Thoughts on Portraiture

The blue hour is here, the sweet light, the twilight. The blue colors are scattered through the air. We are done shooting what we planned to. Stephanie is still here. We don’t have anywhere to go anytime soon. I have to take some portraits of her. Not doing it would be a waste of light. […]

Always Have your Tea

Another international love story. The morning was still waking up by the time the bus arrived to the costal peruvian town. I stretched my cramped legs from spending the night sleeping in the uncomfortable bus seats. I am lucky to be so small, I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I was ten centimeters […]

Myself … my self discovery path

Who am I? How many of us have made answering this question our life mission? I decided to take the path of self discovery at a young age. Books, therapy, travelling, art, cooking, meditation, and writing are some of the things I have used to connect with my changing self over the years. Through self-discovery we can stop […]

Getting Back on Track

One more time, I need to break the ice. I’ve been silent for a long time and have the urge to speak up again. Yes, it is not that easy. I am now in that awkward moment that lasts for a full eternal second.  I have that fear again and all those questions are lingering […]

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