Where Ideas Come From

Where Ideas Come From


What do you see in the picture below? I see a green dress from a very, very tall lady. I see a street pole turning into a sweet lady in a beautiful green dress. I see a character and a story. Ideas are every were. We never know when will they come. We never know what will trigger them. We never know what they will turn into.




I see this crawling vine every day as I return home from my walk. And every day I see the green dressed lady.

She was asking me to bring her to life. So this is what I did with that:




To create this image I used a total of 6 photos. I used three different photos to create the dress . I wanted it to be a little wider below. I used the two images images you will see below and I also used the sky from a different picture. I used a uruguayan sky. Oh how I miss those changing colors skies. Mixing, matching and using a ton of different blending options this image came to life. To add the watercolor feeling I added two texture layers, pictures of watercolor paper. They were actually 8 photos.

I consider myself a collector. I collect things I see and encounter, many of those things come very handy when I need to edit this kind of images.

This piece took a while, but it was worth it to bring it to life. Now I will be able to see the vine on my walks without the need to take further action. I already personalized that lady.

I don’t believe on such thing of luck of ideas or inspiration. Of course they don’t come out from thin air. We need to be willing to follow trough and most important we need to be open to our surroundings. There are stories in everything we see.

Stay open and inspired! Mucho Amor, Lu

lulight, lucia ferreira litowtschneko

Lulight, green vine, lucia ferreira litowtschenko


3 Comments on “Where Ideas Come From

  1. Now you got me really inspired dear girl 🙂 I admire your ability to see things around and your ability to show them in a completely new light. My both thumbs up, I’m your big fan!

    • Thank you Magdalena! I need to say I have some super creative friends to look up to 🙂 . Let’s keep inspiring each other!

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