Kiki + Matt = <3


Kik and Matt are magnetic. They are the kind of people everyone loves . It is impossible not to. Together they inspire love and care. Something that they got from their crazy fun families. They like to gather and connect people to make them smile and have good times, whether it is surfing, a volleyball match or just hanging out. I guess it is no wonder that they ended up together.

They met thanks to a bright pair of pink shorts Matt was wearing at a beach volleyball tournament. Kiki couldn’t help but to laugh and Matt couldn’t help but to fall in love. They were only 17. The years have past and their love changed as they did. They went to college half a state away from each other, but that only helped make their relationship stronger.

Photographing  their wedding was like being a secondary character in a fairy tail and being in the part where they get to live happily ever after. We could not have asked for a more sunny day, or a more cheerful couple. Everything about June 22nd was magical. It was the best way to end the first chapter of their lives and begin the next: a whole lifetime together.

Same as the day they met, with the sand between their toes and the ocean as the backdrop they said yes. Yes to many more years of laughter, friendship and sunsets on the beach. And yes, it can last forever when you are not only committed to each other but to something bigger than yourself.

Thank you Matt and Kik for trusting us with these sweet memories! We hope to share many more together.

Mucho Amor!


Bride Cowboy Boots, Strapless wedding dress, Cute wedding dress picture with dog

Bride getting ready, Wedding Dress,-Vintange-Filter

Simple strapless wedding dress, bride with cowboy boots


Wedding Cowboy boots

Vintage Groomsmen

Wedding Decor

Beach-Wedding Ceremony


Beach wedding san diego photos

Beach Wedding Photography

San Diego Wedding Photography



At sunset, we decided to take some time away from the dancing crowd and go watch the sunset.


Wedding Photographs San Clemente CA




Wedding Party Photos, Night wedding photos

Can’t get enough of Kiki & Matt’s Wedding?  we got you covered with this slideshow.

Congratulations Matt & Kik ! Let the adventure of a lifetime begin.

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  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Really great photos of this wedding, congratulations on such a high standard of work!

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