Overcoming My Scribbles

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Yet another withe page with no lines waiting to be filled with scribbles. Those that may or may not find their way into my computer to come alive with light and colors.

As you can see drawing is not my strong point. I can’t even trace a straight line with a ruler. During school and high school drawing class was an absolute struggle for me. I always wanted to be better at it and tried really, really hard, but at the end of the school year my lower grades were always there. My Sister was the good one at it. I was always so jealous and amazed by what she could create with a simple pen.

Once I started taking pictures I realized that I wasn’t stuck with a pen or other hand coordinated object to tell a two dimensional story. I started my photography journey in film.  First color and then B&W developing and printing myself in the darkroom. I loved watching the images come alive and creating an atmosphere with the endless darkroom techniques. But, as much as I loved it, that craft turned to be too expensive and unsustainable to me.

Digital photography and especially digital manipulation opened a whole new chapter to explore. Finally some of my scribbles found their way to my computer. Now I had less limitations. I started using real images and mixing them, putting them together as a puzzle, creating a new reality.

I am still learning and will always be as the possibilities are every day more. I still many times get started with scribbles that only I can understand. But now I know that I can make them real and that is somehow releasing and fulfilling. I may never fully develop my hand/eye/pen coordination but I am getting better at  the hand/eye/mouse one…

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Lulight, Lu Light


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