Magical Realism

Creation doesn’t always happen in a straight line. These are all those ideas and visions that crashed my headspace randomly and that I decided to bring to life. Sea Change Just An Image The Keeper Of Spring The Keeper Of Night The Keeper Of Day The Keeper Of Dust The Keeper Of Skies Ideas Me […]

Kiki + Matt = <3

Kik and Matt are magnetic. They are the kind of people everyone loves . It is impossible not to. Together they inspire love and care. Something that they got from their crazy fun families. They like to gather and connect people to make them smile and have

All Pop time was better

I am not the kind of person that thinks that the past was better. I always think that the best is yet to come and enjoy to the fullest the moment that was given to me now.  But, I need to say that Pop music used to be better (till the 90’s, thanks to the […]

Getting ready for my first wedding photoshoot

Tomorrow I am shooting my first wedding and I can’t help but feel super excited and nervous at the same time. I have never shot or assisted a wedding as a photographer, but I do know how to shoot and sometimes the best things come out when you start

Human / Nature

Exploring our connect / disconnect with our nature roots. This images where all taken with a 120mm Mamiya camera from the early 50’s. Printed in watercolor paper and hand painted with pastels and watercolor. All images are one of a kind 12×12 prints

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