Long Live Paperback

lulight, long live paperback

I need to say that I am guilty of leaving the good old paperback books for the ipod portable audiobooks. Everything started last year once I changed my computer and they gave me a gift card for the apple store. With this incentive I got my first audiobook, after that many more followed. I put them on my ipod and started taking them for runs, in the car and to the beach.

After my 7 months of my audiobook affair I decided to start reading paperback books again. I found myself missing the feeling of the book in my hands, and smelling the ink of the print. Seeing the pages go by and being able to track my progress with a tangible bookmark, is in a sentimental way, fulfilling. The kind of connection with the story while reading a paper book instead of listening or reading Β on an electronic gadget is completely different. And that’s why I am back reading the old school way.

Growing up in a small very slow paced town, where big chain stores are still closed at noon for siesta, books became a way to get lost in different worlds and escape from the monotony. I was lucky that my mom is a book lover so I had access to a big home library that me and my siblings would call “The Monster”, not because we were afraid of reading, but because it was huge! I had access to so many different styles and stories. For me paper books take me back to my childhood, slower times when I could live wherever I wanted in my mind.

I will probably not stop listening to audiobooks but I will definitely not stop reading paper books again. I know that the way things are going makes ebooks far more popular, but there will always be a market for paper books . I used to think that digital photography was going to eliminate film, yet now film photography is a big subculture and it has a very loyal market.

I wanted to create an image that conveys my attachment with books. What can I say, I am after all Uruguayan and nostalgia runs in my blood.

Mucho Amor,


long live paperback,-lulight

4 Comments on “Long Live Paperback

  1. Lu, a very cool image depicting your love of books. I’ve been feeling so guilty not reading paper books and trying to get back into it again myself. My husband got me an iPad a few years ago and I haven’t been able to put it down and consume everything electronically of late. I love the ability to highlight text instantly and look up words and write notes immediately via the iPad in iBooks. But, I always feel like something is missing.

    • Hi Sue! thanks for stoping by πŸ™‚ . I am not able to read on a device yet! I like to read before going to bed and those devices keep me awake. Yes, I do love paperback better…maybe it’s also a nostalgic feeling that takes me to my childhood. Anyways, I think that the important thing is to keep reading no matter the media, just let yourself be taken by a story.

  2. Such a cool photo! Sometimes I think “what happens when the power goes out”. That’s when books really come into their own. We thankfully have pretty good power in Australia but it’s true – people don’t know what to do when their TV/laptop/etc doesn’t work. That’s why I like books. πŸ™‚

    • Oh Yes! I use books to disconnect too. At home, after nine computers are prohibited!

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