Break Up


No, no that! I am still living happy ever after . Break Up is just the title of my latest work that is now being exhibited in Uruguay at the “Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo”  which means “Contemporary Art Space” . This piece is part of the group exhibition Continuum.

Continuum is an ongoing art research project that was started in 2010 by the curators and artists Vivian Castro and Manuel Gianoni. The main themes of the project are body/art/technology. They bring together artists from different disciplines, as well as researchers from philosophy and semiotics. I am honored to be part of it!

For the 2013 show I decided to do a video art piece. Last year I went trough the challange of sending all the material by mail and having it framed under my sister’s supervision ( I wouldn’t trust this to anyone else!).  This time, I had only digital files which made things much easier. I shot the video and sent the digital files with instructions on how to mount the exhibit.

The piece consists of five different size monitors. Three are set on one wall and two on the opposite one. Each monitor  has a different image that runs as a loop: body parts + landscapes.

In  Break Up the goal was to continue to explore the themes from last year’s work: the connection / disconnection we have with our bodies, how we relate to our environment and where do we belong. Once again I sought to merge and push the boundaries of the media I used : video / still photography.

Here are some iphone images someone sent me of my work…




The history of the Contemporary Art Space is very unique: it used to be a women’s jail. It was founded in 1888 and it was based on the Jeremy Bentham panopticon architectural model. The idea of this design was to allow the guards to watch the captives anytime, without them noticing that they were being watched.  The jail was closed years ago because it is not safe to have a prison  in the middle of the city. In 2010 they converted the prison into an art center. The space still maintains part of the old structure. On the main floor they tore down the walls of the cells to create bigger rooms. The lowest level still keeps the old jail setting but it was refurbished to hold exhibits in what before were cells. My piece was set inside one of the cells and the challenge here was how to set up a piece in such a small space. Below you will find some images of the Contemporary Art Space. Part of the outside building has remained the same, you can even see the numbers of the cells.



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