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It is quarter to six and the sun is not up yet. The air is a bit crisp so getting out of bed is a small struggle.  I crawl out. The alarm goes of again, I just let it go because it is a gentle song that will put me in a mood for a good day. All was set the night before. Charger / camera / lenses / tripod / filters / water bottle. Now I just need to set the tune. This is my last day in Santa Barbara. I am taking the train back  at 10: 12 and will arrive straight to a party. It is time for a break.  I’ve been shooting non stop for a week, which means…next week I will be locked inside retouching!

The location is not far from where I am so I decide to walk and see the light slowly coming in. I arrive and see that the location is a mess. It looks like the gardener was there some days before and decided his work was only to prune but not to pick up after himself. I did a couple of shots here and there but it was pointless. No photoshop was going to be able to fix that mess. It is good to know you have such a tool as a backup but unfortunately it is not a magic wand.

Luckily I know one of my good friends from Santa Barbara is an early riser. So instead of getting upset about the fact that I can’t get good pictures I call her and we meet up for a tea. I had enough pictures and I know that this place will still be there next time and maybe all of the weeds will be gone!

The time went fast and yes…I missed the train. But I did make it to the party , just two hours late.

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