Cat photography tips to make them purrfect

cat photography tips, lulight

I am a cat lady. I would probably have ten or more if they didn’t give me such bad allergies. Photographing cats is much more difficult than it seems. Yes, cats play by their own rules and if you don’t like it they don’t care. This doesn’t mean they are not loving, they just like doing things on their own terms. This is something very important to know.

1- Do not force the cat to do something you want him to do. You will scare him away. Try to become part of his environment so that he can start acting naturally.

2- Get down! unless you want your furry friend to look diminished and helpless, or if he is already at your same level…which happens a lot. Try to stay at the cat’s eye level.

3- Be gentle with your movements and don’t scream or you will scare him. 

4- Get some treats! Cats love treats, so you will be able to capture that cute look they have when the see something they really, really want. You can try also to surprise him with moving objects like a lace, to catch his attention. 

5-Try not to have anything else around that can distract them. Kitties are very easily distracted, especially the smaller ones.

6- The best time to photograph a cat is when he is waking up from one of his many, many naps. Post-nap they are not so alert and will be easier to follow around.

7- Be sure to keep the ears, tail or feet in the frame. If you are doing a face close up, try to keep the ears inside the frame.

8- Use a high speed shutter to avoid getting movement blur, unless of course, this is the effect you are looking for.

9- Be patient.

10- Don’t get discouraged if your 100+ pictures do not turn out. I promise it is not you…it’s him.

Cat photography tips, lulight

Cat photography tips, lulight

Cat photography tips, lulight

Cat photography tips, lulight

Cat photography tips, lulight

Cat photography tips, lulight

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