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I have decided to keep this place a diary of my what I am up to: the people I meet, the paces I visit,  and the things I learn on the way. I have never blogged before, I don’t even know what this is all going to be about but I need to try.

So, if this is how it’s going to be I guess I need to say a little something about myself. I am originally from Uruguay, that is not the same as Paraguay even if both of them carry Guarani names. It is a small country that is squeezed in between Argentina and Brazil, with a population of almost but not quite 3.5 million people. Maybe that is why  you haven’t met any Uruguayans yet. There are way too many cows and  people drink too much mate there. And wait … it is also the south american country with highest software exports per capita. Go gauchos!

I grew up in a small inland town named Tacuarembo. You need to get creative there because there is not much to do. Reading on rainy winter days and lazy summer days on the lake occupied long parts of my life. It is like living in a small Kansas town but in Uruguay. I am sure you get the picture.

It’s been two years now since I came to California. I never really moved, I came to visit and then I stayed. Why? well, it is said that love can move mountains and it definitely moved me. I met Alex while we were both travelling in Peru at a breakfast table in an old run-down hostel in Pacasmayo. Alex was there for the waves. I was there…Lord knows why. We travelled together for three weeks. Then, we did long, long, long distance for 6 months (thank you skype!). I came to visit him on February 17th of 2011 and still here I am.

I am a sister of three, a cousin of many and the daughter of the most inspiring parents.

As a photographer, images are a big part of my world and I will share them here. I want to document my changes and progress. This will be all written in english because that is among the things I need to improve. Be warned:  you might stumble upon some uruguanglish expressions.


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