Frozen Fruit Bowl


Frozen Fruit Bowl: An Alternative To The Ice Cream Crave

It’s been extremely hot and humid for the past three days. I feel like eating ice-cream all day long. Eating ice-cream all day long may cause horrible guilt so I’ve been making frozen fruit bowls that are guilt free.

I wanted to share this simple recipe on how to do it. They are delicious to eat and fun to make.

Please note: I’m not the kind of cook that controls every ingredient measure, I usually change proportions till I find my sweet spot. You wont find here exact proportions or quantities, this will vary depending on how many people you want to serve and how thick or runny you like your bowl. I encourage you to let go and experiment! …with a little guidance.

Fruit Bowls 1_new


To Blend:

* Frozen fruits. I used: mangos, strawberries, pineapple and banana.

* Vegetables. I used: spinach and beet.

* Coconut milk or whichever kind of milk you use.

* FOOD PROCESSOR. A blender can work fine too, but you’ll find yourself stopping it and pushing down the mix as the thickness is hard for the blender blade.

To Top:

* Almonds

* Sesame seeds

* Blue berries

* Goji berries

* Bananas


You can buy the frozen fruits ready to use or freeze them yourself. Just chop, chop and freeze. Make sure you freeze some bananas. I still haven come across frozen bananas so I always freeze them myself. They give a great creamy consistency and sweet flavor to the mix.

I personally love adding green leaf vegetables. For this one I also added beet. beets can add some extra crunchiness. If you rather have it soft make sure you steam it, and let it cool, before adding it to the mix.

Fruit Bowls 2_new

Now onto the MAKING: toss the frozen fruits, the milk (whichever you have) and the vegetables onto the food processor. Don’t put too much liquid because you’ll get a more runny consistency and the idea is to make it thick. I usually fill up 1/4 of the processor with the milk. Also, try to have more frozen fruits than veggies. Here I added only half of a beet and a hand full of spinach. Blend it all and serve it in a bowl.

To TOP IT all add some chopped bananas, blue berries, goji berries, almonds and sesame seeds (or whatever you have available on this department) . Some other things I like to add are: shredded coconut, peaches, strawberries, chia seeds or dried fruits. If you are ok with sugar: granola and some honey are great things to add.

power bars 3_new

This frozen fruit bowl make a great nutritious breakfast too.

Get creative: mix, match, blend!

Mucho Amor, 



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