A Very Short Winter : Flagstaff Weekend

flagstaff weekend

After seven and a half hours of driving in the dark, we arrived. We were still dressed like Southern Californians when we stepped out into the night air. The cold quickly reminded us what winter really feels like.

Stephanie had a big smile on her face when she saw Alex and I, despite the fact it was  3am Arizona time. After catching up, we fell asleep with big plans for the days to come. Knowing that visiting the Grand Canyon was part of the plan I was expectant about the pictures I wanted to take while there.

Well, we all know how great expectations can go…

Freezing weather, some sleet, some rain and storm clouds blocking the visibility was what we got. It was so miserable we ended up spending more time drinking tea to warm up than walking outside. By putting a plastic bag over the camera I managed to get some shots of the canyon.

IMG_1886b_new grand canyon, lightroom presets, lulight


And a selfie too.


At 2pm we decided to go back to Flagstaff , we were done being cold and wet. Just outside of the Grand Canyon national park the weather got better and beautiful fluffy clouds took over the sky.


Back in the city we strolled downtown until the sun went down. Camera in hand I snapped away at every corner. With no expectations my luck changed and I was able to enjoy the picturesque little town, finding picture perfect moments with ease.


flagstaff weekend

flagstaff downtown shops

That same night I saw snow falling for the first time. The flakes seemed to cover everything in a silent thin white layer. I woke up the next morning to 6 inches of snow covering the ground.


This is Stephanie with Coco. Coco is a strange dog. She absolutely hates the cold so she was the only one not digging the snow at all.

After some more tea and snow wars we left, driving slowly and very cautiously to avoid sliding off the roads. The clouds were magical the whole way home, and we stopped as often as we could to take pictures.

As much as I was happy to go back to warmer days, It’s refreshing knowing that there is winter somewhere else and water coming from the sky.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Mucho Amor


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