Why I always ask for criticism


I didn’t used to like criticism, I used to get defensive and offended. I would feel completely defeated, and would want to quit when someone told me what I did wasn’t good enough. Luckily I learned from criticism and no, I didn’t quit. I learned not to take it personally and how to use it to make my work better. When someone criticizes my work I know it is not about me. It is about what I just created and not all is lost, I can improve it or stop wasting time and start something new.

It feels great to be complimented for your work but often it is the negative feedback that will allow me to grow the most. Negative criticism is like a wake up call, it forces me to reflect and see what I am doing with an open mind.

Now before considering a project as done, I like to share it with people I trust and I ask for their opinions, I ask for criticism. All things I do are ultimately made for someone else, that’s why I like to know other people’s opinions, that’s why I share. Otherwise I could just keep them on my hard drive and watch them in ten years. Criticism brings a second point of view, and it expands the way I think and see.

Take the criticism as something positive to grow and improve from…It means you are active, learning and moving somewhere.

Mucho amor,


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