Getting ready for my first wedding photoshoot

Tomorrow I am shooting my first wedding and I can’t help but feel super excited and nervous at the same time. I have never shot or assisted a wedding as a photographer, but I do know how to shoot and sometimes the best things come out when you start

Why I always ask for criticism

I didn’t used to like criticism, I used to get defensive and offended. I would feel completely defeated, and would want to quit when someone told me what I did wasn’t good enough. Luckily I learned from criticism and no, I didn’t quit. I learned not to take it personally and how to use it […]

The Art Of Collaboration

L -Can you take monday off? G -Yes.  L -Ok, let’s get the tickets and do it. Everything started as a kind of photography retreat weekend. It was just the two of us, our cameras and a destination in the middle of nowhere…where I grew up.

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