To hold, to love and to let it go

I always thought reptile owners were eccentric people. Then, one sunny spring evening, a adolescent green iguana appeared outside my apartment causing every single neighbor to wow and comment, yet, none of them seemed to be excited to host the cold blooded animal until it’s owner showed up. I have hosted chickens, cats, birds, dogs, […]

“Step In” and be a character in the story

For the opening reception of Dream Chronicles at the Laguna Gallery Of Contemporary Art, I decided to create an installation. Why? I wanted the people that came to leave with an experience. I wanted to make it not only about the pictures on the walls but about how we all build and create stories in […]

Dream Chronicles Opening Night

One month after getting the green light for the exhibition, after choosing and selecting from all my portfolio images, after picking only 11 photographs, after countless hours of Skype time with the usual Uruguayan support team, after meeting new friends and mentors that guide me along the way, after printing and framing in Vienna…yes Vienna, […]

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