An Open Story

Lucia Ferreira Fine Art Photography The Secret Garden

This time last year, I was walking through my back then neighborhood with a not mine dog, when I noticed a purple/pink spot hanging from a vine crawling on the neighbors wall. I’ve seen that flower before, many times. I’ve also seen it’s red version, white version and another purple/blue version. Every time I see it, it is an immediate stop and stare. The Passiflora flower has the kind of complex beauty that cannot be ignored. After a few minutes of looking, touching the velvet like petals and realizing one more time that no, this flower doesn’t have a strong scent, I kept walking. Back home, an hour later, I kept thinking about the flower and decided to create a story with it.

I walked back to the neighbors house and asked for permission to cut one flower and a little piece of the vine. After all, I’d like to know that one of my flowers is missing.

Back home I was confronted by the flower, the vine and a plain white wall. I had all the ingredients to craft a story. But was was the story?

With no clear path or objective I started doing. Click, click, click, the shutter kept going and different configurations of poses and elements came together.

From there to the darkroom, I ended up with only two keepers.

I considered that spark of creativity an isolated event and it wasn’t until a couple of months later that I decided to expand on the idea and create more images. This story wanted to keep growing; there was more to these isolated images. Fourteen more images came to life within one year and they took place in three different countries – Uruguay, USA, and Mexico. What once felt like a random one time thing opened up a box filled with meaning and possibility.

I’d like to say that the 16 images that I have today are it and that the story is over. But from what I’ve learned, stories are not cast in stone, they are open, fluid and ever changing.

Lucia Ferreira Fine Art Photography The Secret Garden


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