Pear + Banana + Ginger Smoothie

ginger, banana, pear smoothie

I’m one of those people that blends every freaking day. There is something so simple about smoothies: just throw whatever you have inside the blender and its done! Many times I go wild and start adding all kinds off extra stuff I keep in jars: almonds, chia seeds, chlorella powder…whatever is on hand. But there are other days when I just keep it simple.

The pears were looking good at the farmers market this week so I couldn’t resist creating this creamy, sweet spicy drink for lazy summer days.

pear banana ginger smoothie

pear smoothie 2_new


(Makes 2 big glasses)

– 2 ripe pears

– 2 frozen bananas (I recommend buying them fresh and freezing them in halves)

– as much or as little ginger as you fancy

– 1 1/2 glass of water

Just chop it all up, grind the ginger ( a cheese grater works well for this) and toss everything into the blender.  For the pears, you can leave the skin or take it out. I buy everything organic so I tend to leave the skin.

pear banana ginger smoothie

I topped it with chia seeds…just so that it would look prettier for the pictures.

If you don’t have a super blender remember to add the soft fruits first and the frozen ones later.

Hope this smoothie adds some spice to your day!

Mucho Amor,


pear banana ginger smoothie

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