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Since the beginning of time creative beings have sought inspiration. Often times inspiration comes from events in our lives or things that surround us. Many people also seem to find inspiration in one another and they tend to grow and change depending on who inspires them. Over the past couple of years, I have drawn inspiration from dozens of amazing artists.  Recently I was reflecting on the art that inspires me, and I wanted to share ten photographs from five photographers that have inspired me lately.

Gregory Colbert

His work is spiritual, poetic and just plain beautiful. I love how deep it is in meaning and simple in line colors and poses. He explores the interconnection between animals and humans. He finds the balance and co-existence between the two species and translates that idea into peaceful compositions. Both his love for animals and the meditative feelings of his art resonate deeply with me. My mother still wonders how I didn’t end up working with animals in some way.

In order to create these images he submerged himself in the different cultures. The main challenge is gaining the trust of both his subjects, the animal and the person.

In the images below you’ll see how dynamic yet peaceful his compositions can be. There seems to be some kind of a dance between the figures and shapes.

inspiring photographers

inspiring photographers

Cecilia Paredes

This Peruvian photographer has had me at “hello” for the past two years. No photoshop here! she calls her work performance for camera. Her body of work is mesmerizing and uber consistent. In her own words: “My initial inspiration was the recurrent theme of displacement and relocation”. As a Uruguayan transplant in the US and having to spend the last 10 years of my life moving homes every 2 years this is something I can relate to.

It is crazy to me to see the many different ways we can explore our souls. These images are to me a representation of that.

inspiring photographers


Grete Stern

Grete was born in Germany but developed his work as a photographer in Argentina. She created photomontages way before computers in the late ’40s and early ’50s. During those years Sterne worked for a women’s magazine illustrating reader’s dreams that were sent to the editors. She created one image a week. She’d use friends and family as models and take other elements to compose the images from her personal archive.

Do I need to explain why I love her work? Ok, it’s the fact that she uses photography to explore deep in the self and to translate inner landscapes.

inspiring photographers

inspiring photographers


This Chinese artist delivers strong political messages in a hilarious and beautiful way. I am really drawn to art that is not only beautiful but also conversational. His work is a little more dark and nostalgic. He produces so much that it is hard to keep up with what he’s up to. His compositions are full of small details that many time he stages and others he draws. His works translate a turmoiled inner world that’s complex, full of small references and a little grotesque sometimes

inspiring photographers

inspiring photographersmaleoon-2012021302353444

Maggy Taylor

Maggy Taylor tells magical stories with modern day tools yet they seem to have happened ages ago. Her dreamlike images will sure to make your mind spin. It is amazing for me to see that she uses a simple and small point and shoot camera. This images are not staged, they are a combination of things she find in walks and flat bed scanned old photographs.

In Taylor’s words : “I like to balance a darker feeling with a touch of humor whenever possible” . Basically they do have a lot in common with Maleonn  yet the end result is miles away. Seeing this is a reminder that there is always a way to be original delivering the same old message. Why? well, because a little of our soul goes into what we do and that cannot be imitated by anyone else. Our upbringing, thoughts and treats go into the making of that concept, message…whatever you are trying to convey, you do it your way.


Signs point to yes


Being inspired by other photographers doesn’t mean seeing how I can do it their way. Not at all. Their way was build upon their own path and personal experiences. To me its a reminder of how many different ways there are to translate similar messages. It is a  reminder that after all we are the same but our paths have shaped us a little different. And it is from that place from where we can start building.

Mucho Amor,


4 Comments on “5 inspiring photographers in 10 pictures

  1. Wonderful – thank you Lucia for the introduction to these inspirational artists. 🙂

    • Elle! I am glad you liked them! But, the best part is when we inspire one another 🙂 isn’t is?

  2. I love all these that you’ve chosen. They are all new to me and I’m excited to explore each one more in depth.

    • Cliff! What an honor to have you around here 🙂 . I include links to all of their websites because I think there is a lot more from them to get inspired.

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