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Everything Started, two months ago in a room full of strangers with an invitation to cultivate some basic human qualities: calm, balance, care, love and compassion. These traits are inherent to us, but we need to bring some awareness upon them so that they can become stronger and more prevalent. This is part of what a mindfulness based stress reduction class is about. With the teacher’s guidance and our willingness to be there, the journey to self discovery begun. Our compass is mindfulness, meditation and the support of the group.

Everybody’s journey is different, but there is one thing in common: everybody is looking to relate to their life in a different way.

For me, the main reason was to explore my mindfulness practice and to not let it die. Over my years of practice (there aren’t that many!) it’s interacting with all of those strangers where I open up. It’s in listening to their joys and struggles when I tend to acknowledge my own. All their different ways of being and exploring becomes a source of inspiration.

Two months later, those strangers have names. A smile comes to my face when thinking of our time together.

Now our weekly time together is over. Now, we need to find new ways to keep the practice: keep sitting; keep showing up, moment to moment.

In the quest to find new ways of being present, and to bring awareness to the oh so mindless computer time, I created a mindfulness screensaver set. Let’s bring more presence to the computer time that is here to stay!

Pick and choose and change by the day, the season or the mood.

Cheers to our time together! let’s keep the practice alive!

Mucho Amor,

signature Lu



You can download them all as a .zip file here  . Or, you can do right click (ctrl+ click on mac) over the images and choose “save image as”. Hope you enjoy them!

Screen saver 1

It Is What It Is

Remember, You Are Breathing

Where Are You Now?

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